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Do I fucking exist?

2017-02-09 12:49:19 by Chewy2007



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2017-02-09 12:55:12

oh hey its chewy2007

Chewy2007 responds:

"Let me push your buttons." Mario said in the greasiest Brooklyn-Italian accent imaginable. He wagged his eyebrows in unrestrained anticipation.

Then, Mario unsuited in one fell swoop, practically jumping out of his clothes, and turned his naked hairy ass towards Luigi. He harnessed the might of his glutes, as well as the Nintendo Power ™ to unhinge his anus, and push Luigi's buttons.

Just like old times, baby.


2017-02-09 14:17:12

insane madman

Chewy2007 responds:

Naruto was walking around in downtown Vancouver, Canada, or wherever his chicken liver ass lives, pretending that he's cool.

"Golly fuck I need a galpal!" he screamed at some random white bitch. Said bitch pissed herself, her not-so secret sexual childhood fantasy, Naruto, has issued forth a mating call! Sure, there was no Sasuke, Rock Lee, or even goddamned Cory and Trevor for him to make out with to make the empty horror of her life seem... well, empty, horrible and pointless, except for all the emo gay boys, but Noodleturd alone will have to do. She rubbed her double-masectomied chest like a greedy jew nigger faced with kosher KFC chicken-flavoured froot loops for a buck o' five.


2017-02-09 16:01:03

fuck me daddy

Chewy2007 responds:

"OOoOooooooooooooooOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOO-OOOO PATRICK!" The spongy meiser caressed the rock that Patrick lives and shits under while uttering his greeting. He needed some chocolate starfish to envelop his hotdog water flavoured dick, FAST.

"Helll-ro hel-ro, BALLS..." Patrick said in a Bateman accent. He hasn't even let SpongeBob in yet and he's already gay.

"Patty patty, lemme in! Ya know I'm horny!" SpongeBob said as he dry humped the rock. He did this until it opened up.
There was Patrick, the obese shitlove machine himself, wearing an emo Inuyasha t-shirt and no shorts.

But it wasn't just any emo anime t-shirt, but a t-shirt with SpongeBob's amazing ass duct taped over Inuyasha's face, with the words 'STREET LETHAL' underneath it in blue print, using the Impact font.
"Holy shit! Pat that is one GREASY ASS SHIRT!" SpongeBob wooed at the starfish with no pants on as DickPants started getting pantsless himself.

"I made it for you, SpongyBalls," Patrick said as he got the chubs for his pal. "Your shirt's on the bed."

"And my balls are on your eyes!" SpongeBob suddenly leaped ass first and landed on Patrick's rough starfish head, a perfect fit!
"I missed ya old buddy! Let's watch Trailer Park Boys and chill before Mr. Krabs fires me for being late again, just like old times!"

Patrick nodded his asshatted head, which would probably count as sexual abuse if a being of lesser perversion and binding contracts with the Viacom corporation was impaled ass first onto his head than SpongeBob, and stumbled into the bedroom; which was full of sand, just like your bitch dog's vagina.


2017-02-28 07:42:07


Chewy2007 responds:

Woah, are you the same JBK as JackBlackKitten?


2017-03-14 11:35:19

no im the same one that was mistaken for that

Chewy2007 responds:

Whoops sorry mang :'(


2017-03-17 23:51:35

How much of a thing are you?


2017-04-18 16:21:38