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This also isn't Cyber8, it's Pamtri. At least fix your tags so people won't be confused by the two. They care about this stuff.

This isn't a Cyber8 video m8 0/10 go fuck your mother.

So I see that you're trying to write about things other than the constant school/bullying random bullies/bathing/genital shit that I know that you're passionate about. Ironically, it showcases not just your level of writing, but the fact that no matter which story you make, they all sound exactly the same. Why write about classical music when you don't even bother to learn a thing about it, or even really describe it. Why self-censor, Travis? Do you think that your audience might be offended by the mere mention of an actual band from the 60's, much less Martin Luther King Junior? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Please do better, Travis.

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Hlahlahla this is hott

What a smexy sumbitch. I always believed that the gorls were the prettiest things in the world, until I played this game. Justin Bieber puts their bewbage to shame I want his snake.


FUCKING MAGIC! This is quite amazing, dude. That dog looks so funny! How did he learn to fly?

Haha nice

I like the song alot =D The game's pretty funny overall, too. Good job!

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Pretty decent.

It might have to be edited in order to fit it in a movie or a game or something, but it's still good.

Not that great, but it's still funny.

This has movie potential, too. I'll let you know if I make a music video about it.

sonicmega responds:

If it has so much potential, I wonder why people keep 0ing it :\

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This is a nice pic, I like it. The colouring's pretty good, too. You've definitely improved since the Faggot Federation days, dude!

Gaycied responds:

Lol, thanks man.


Serious Cat looks like it's making ostrich calls, while yours kind of resembles a meerkat.


This reminds me of Megaman.

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"I'M SWEDISH SPONGEBOB! I HATE YOU, FUCK OFF!" Shrek shouted, throwing their wedding dildo out the window. Spongebob has been in the Anti-Scand group for over a year and hasn't told Shrek about it. "Honey, I can explain!" said Spongebob. "Explain THIS!"

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