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The KK forum's dead

2014-03-09 03:00:31 by Chewy2007

It has been for a probably over a week now. Did the domain just not get payed for or something like that?


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2014-05-27 02:47:05

me sad..

Chewy2007 responds:

It was a great krew back in it's heyday, but we fucked ourselves and the KK by extension. If it ever comes back, it will have to not bring that lazy negativity that we contributed to, at the very least.


2014-05-29 02:45:09

A new crew has to be made, the major reason is because almost everyone died on the KK.

And also it has to be quality flash spam this time.

Chewy2007 responds:

Yeah, it would probably be for the best to just make a new crew and try to do shit right than it would be to try to revive a crew that wouldn't even have any of the founding members in it anymore. Between the reputation and the former members, it would have a hell of a time being anywhere near as good as it was in 06 and 07 (hell, even up to 10), and not just "one person actually makes flash regularly" good, but as a real crew that doesn't just exist as a NG legend and ratty ass forum hosted by some guy who somehow forgot they were paying to upkeep said forum.

And like I said before, the Kitty Krew never got a collection page. Not even after bringing up all the examples of quality spam that was created to attention. Alfred fucking Alfer got one over a year ago!

Hey do you have skype? I don't really get on trillian anymore.


2014-06-06 16:25:06

Just find wacky, and create a new kk-ripoff/Less shitty/More serious crew.

Chewy2007 responds:

Fuck dat, it'd be easier to join the Asshole Animators Association. Or even just prop up one of those dead ass invisionfree boards, say fuck it to cohesive forum structure since that never goes anywhere and isn't needed anyway (think of all the collabs made over MSN and other IM chats) and doodle funny shit that isn't a (boring) repeating 2 frame tween. Shit doesn't need to be super fucking serious, it just needs to give a shit about animating.


2014-06-08 01:46:24

kewl, but it can't be a two users crew. people is needed..

Chewy2007 responds:

Attract 'em then. The KK was created by four people and managed to win over quite a bit more, including us. Asking some friends to join in would help, too.


2014-07-25 02:25:06

Prepare for trouble! :3


2014-11-09 11:40:17

Catsage here, honestly I had a lot of fun in the KK, even if it was after '10, I would much rather see a KK revival then everyone just starting a new shitty crew. I would even be willing to contribute spam, if I can get flash off my shitty old computer. //


2015-04-25 10:51:24


Chewy2007 responds:

Whaddup cornslice?