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Do I fucking exist?

2017-02-09 12:49:19 by Chewy2007


And now for an educational interlude, involving an emotionally-disturbed, unwilling dog.


The florescent "Open" sign above the entrance clicked. It, alongside the dingy exterior lighting coming from the store front, are the only sources of light available on the block. The "Open" sign was noticeably bright whenever it tried to turn on, coating the walls and things nearby in an orange hue for a split second.

Speaking of what's nearby...

"I always loved you doing that to me," said the rabbit. His face was contorted in an expression that could only be described as Charles "Squint-eye" Bronson, loaded on Valium, "Sucking my penis that is."

"I know so," said the rat, groaning as if he weren't shamelessly deepthroating the whole package in public, "I will suck out your sperm from your penis made by the testicles."

"That is good," said the rabbit, while Alfred stared at them in disbelief, "I think we are nearing that place now."

At that moment, Alfred lost his nerve, and before he could catch himself, he said out loud what he was thinking.

"What the flying FUCK is this FAGGOT ASS SHIT?!"


The two gay furries turned to face the stranger that has apparently been watching them for some time, startled by the encounter. This gave Alfred a better look at the two.

The rat man looked clean, and was well dressed for somebody giving head out on the street late at night. The green suit that he's wearing made him look tall, sharp and slim, especially now that he stopped stuffing his narrow brown face full of dick.

The rabbit man's clothes were more casual, in comparison. He wore a light blue polo shirt that had what looked like wet spots and dried stains on it, as well as around the shirt's pink collar. Even his white face looked stained, despite the lack of better lighting.

They both looked around their mid-thirties.

"Uhh, practicing for a clarinet recital?" said the rabbit.


The rabbit and the rat's hard, gay cocks and balls were exposed and pointing right at him. Alfred couldn't help but notice a twinge of arousal in the rabbit man's face as he said this, as if he was anticipating something. The rat man was still in the zone, meanwhile, and was raking his eyes all over Alfred's body, when he wasn't sneaking glances at the rabbit's dick.

Not here.

Not now.

Alfred needed to change the subject, fast.

"ANYWAYS, what's with this place?" he said, gesturing towards the boarded up store.


"It's incredibly sketchy and dirty looking as ass, do they sell body parts here or something?" The dog retched as he empathized the word ass; it was the most polite way that he could describe the smell.

"Not at all," said the rat, seeming a bit more composed than before, "It's a convenience store in matter of fact."

"That it is," said the rabbit, "It's called Lawson in fact of course."

Alfred noticed the rabbit's left hand was now sliding up and down his penis.


"Uhhh, do they have a bathroom or anything here?" Alfred said as the bile built up inside his throat. Did he just screw himself here? Goddammit, they might follow him.

"Of course," said the masturbating rabbit, "We love going there in matter of fact."

Alfred didn't have the courage to tell him to stop.


"Yeah, great. Uh, you guys sure this is a real store?" Alfred said, giving himself the excuse to look away from the creeps to glance at the store front again before he puked. There was no sign of any sort that indicated that this was supposed to be Lawson; it was just the same Hustler magazine-esque tits and dicks pictures amongst other things.

Things such as Michael Jackson feeding a dying kitten chocolate ice cream with a spoon.

Things like the members of The Beatles running over screaming Afghani children inside of their customized Russian brand harvesters, during one of their private "concerts" the world governments aren't allowed to acknowledge.

There was even a picture of Kurt Cobain shortly after his suicide, slumped against the wall with his head blown apart by a shotgun.


The busted florescent orange "Open" sign gave no clues, either. It was also very loud, and grating. Was it always this loud?

"That I am," said the rabbit through gritted teeth, by now furiously masturbating, "I love this convenience store very much of course."

"I love it," said the rat, "I am glad we all come together to Lawson in fact."

"Same here," said the orgasming rabbit, "We love this convenience store in fact of course."

"I agree," said the rat, kneeling down and massaging the rabbit's balls with his hands and tongue while looking straight at Alfred, "This is the best convenience store I know, which is called Lawson by the way in matter of fact of course."


That's it. Anywhere is better than being next to these creepy fuckers. Alfred rushed inside without a second thought.

Anywhere had to be better than this. Anywhere.



2016-08-08 22:10:58 by Chewy2007

It's coming back.

And this time, I had nothing to do with it. Not Technically Dead.

Haaayyy guize I still exist!! Maybe I'll even flash asshole in vicinity of the Slim Anus. Hargargarharhrhoooho fuck it's been a while, what going on gays? I mean guyszzzsz guy spelled like mcfly oh wait I never saw that movie so the reference makes no sense and fuck you.

ps send nudes

Your wooden brain was DELISHCIOUS

The KK forum's dead

2014-03-09 03:00:31 by Chewy2007

It has been for a probably over a week now. Did the domain just not get payed for or something like that?

Them days of whinin', them whiny ass whine ass days of asswine, whiners fuck :\

Dammit I'm fucking hungry and it's 1 in the morning and I don't eat at night anymore cuz I'm fit and wanna keep it dat way haha. Haaaaaa so stoned!! Reefer magic keeps me singing, I luvz it mang =3 Crank dat Ghetto Crunk ma niiiggaaaaaaaa

I feel horribly lazy but I'm feelin that urge, the creative mood, IT'S ALMOST REALIZED. So I'm thinkin I'll start making some swell flash for Alfred "Kinsey is a sick fuck" Alfer and/or fagfiction shit that people love when they aren't from ff.n.

Alllssoooo Sevkitty BBS is a Cave of unwholesome homoerotic Smut and Satan worship and you know how the GawwdJizzus don't like that shit!!!

How Angry Beavers (and Butthole) should've ended.

Holy fuck newgrounds changed this comment box shit!! I'll miss all the orange out the ass colour scheme for this, it's blue and artsy shit mang



2012-12-04 23:50:54 by Chewy2007

I've kinda become a non-entity at this point, it seems.
Things will be better soon...


I'm doing fine, been staying up late lately hehe. I've been watching Invader Zim on netflix, it's pretty much one of the best cartoons ever, and I wish Jhonen and SQUIDWARD'S VOICE ACTOR (Professor Membrane) would make new episodes or at least a short movie about earth fusing with a space toilet because Zim's house goes through a metamorph (the house is part Severus Snape and it was ronery, according to the tie-in novel by George R. R. Martin) that only Drew Pickles and maybe but not really Dib can stop, rated R for retardedly sugoi.

Speaking of sugoi, here's a leak of an unfinished fanfic I worked on earlier this year, back when I was high all day, every day.


Reimu was squatting at the shrine, looking bored as hell. The last of her cocaine has worn off five hours ago and she needed a bump. Today looked like any other day to her, bland and pointless. The days seemed to blend together, just the same boring day over and over. She was tired, smelled like putrid liquor, and haven't slept in days, due to getting strung out on many stimulants the past few days.

Nodding slightly from a jitter, she suddenly slumped forward off of the steps she was sitting on and fell on the ground. Reimu didn't care though, she was dead to the world. Numb. She layed there, feeling nothing but time passing. She may have dreamed, but it was all distant to her, fading within the darkness of her mind, crumbling away. Just like herself.

A few hours later, Marisa started poking Reimu in the butt with her broom. She woke up a minute later, turning her head to look at the annoying shit with her bloodshot eyes, saying with a gravely tone "What the hell are you doing, Marisa?"

"I was trying to wake you up, geez" Marisa said "It's 5:46 PM, you've been sprawled out here for hours, mang".

Reimu relaxed a little "I've just been taking it easy today". She stood up, wobbling a bit.

"You looked fucked up dude, I'm worried about you," Marisa says, taking out a big ass blunt from her hat "Anyway, I got this bastard from a guido near the village, it's called green crack!" She grinned from ear to ear, showing her blackend meth head teeth.

"Cool," Reimu says, shifting on one foot to the other, her legs having fallen asleep. As Marisa lit up with fire magic, Reimu felt like she was forgetting something, something about last night. It was all too hazy, she barely remembered someone was here yesterday, but nothing about them. Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Reimu mulled over this as she smelled stank ass weed burning, she had always loved it, having been toking since the incident with the moon making people crazy, caused by the asshole moon fuckers. Marisa passed the blunt to Reimu, who took a long drag, savouring it. They often hang out like this, smoking ganje and shooting the shit.

Breathing out her hit, she says "So what have you been up to?"

Marisa shrugs "Nothing much, man, I've been laying low for a couple of weeks

I lurk on RPGCodex everyday olawl


2011-09-05 00:11:50 by Chewy2007

What the hell this is trippy